U9 Conduction Sports Headphones Open Ear Headset

Color: Black
Sale price$ 10.50



  • Conduction - Conduction headphones work through vibration, and the sound is transmitted to your cochlea through the via Smart noise reduction technology, it delivers crystal clear sound in music or call, even in complicated environment.
  • Sports 5.2: Features the transmission distance up to 10 to15m, lower power consumption, faster transmission speed. 16mm moving unit, HIFI fever sound quality, enjoy clear sound and beautiful music
  • Application: best choice for people who like to exercise outdoors such as running, hiking, bicycling, also for people who wear headphones all day that need to protect hearing.
  • 360 Rotatable: Memory alloy skeleton, it can 360 degree twisted, not easy to deform, the band loops behind the head, close to the neck, so the size accommodates most customers.
  • Long Battery Life: Large capacity built in battery, the Conduction headset features up to 8 hours of talk and 5 hours of time after a full charge.

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